December 07, 2023

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Open TG Deception

Open Transgender, promoting transgenderism, are seemingly transitioning to the opposite sex. But is it always really what it looks like ?

Or is it deception? They are transitioning back to their true original sex after finishing the ROLE they played as the opposite gender on world stage. 

Open Transgender Deceivers on this page: Jaimie WilsonEllen Elliot Page,  Chelsea Bradley Manning, Caitlyn Bruce Jenner, Rachel Richard Levine

They are promoting the Global Transgender Agenda. Luring girls & boys into ruining their body to "become the opposite gender".
To transition is mission impossible.   

Around age 30 - 35 the hidden transgenders have to stop taking cross-sex hormones due to the risk of blod clots. Then puperty hits for the "feMALES" with penis, as the testicles start producing testosterone.


Jaimie Wilson

He reached hundreds of thousands of people showing his FAKE TRANSITION from female to male on social media. People are amazed ... and fooled. How many fall for the deception believing one could change his sex? Jaimie was born male.

From the video: Starting testosterone in June 2015 ... now that's a BULGE !!!

Watch his hand. The "3rd Gender Gang" Symbol "M" or "3".

Shoulders larger than hips. Long neck. Thick arms

Male chest and hips (with moobs on the left)

thick straight clavicles, male skull

What about finding out about deep deception on so many levels ?

This is what a real female to male transgender looks like. 

A Transman. Does this look male???  NOOOOO !!!!!

Jaimie was born male. A wide female pelvis can not transform into a narrow male pelvis. 

What a mockery!

Ellen Elliot Page

Ellen was born male. His role to play was Ellen including this open transgender deception.

Chelsea Bradley Manning

not a trans-woman, but was born a real biological woman.

Her role was BRADLEY MANNING. It's all fake, staged, scripted reality. 


Caitlyn Bruce Jenner

Caitlyn looks more manly than Bruce ever did. Caitlyn was born female.

Rachel Richard Levine

Rachel was born female. Her Role on stage was Richard Levine, "his" transition to Rachel, first Open "Transgender woman" in the US government.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 04 July 2023 20:20

Facts, not fiction !

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