June 03, 2023

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Training: Male & Female Skeletons Featured

 Examples: Differences of male & female Skeletons

Below on this page: Hugo de Jonge, Elon MuskMandy Minella, Matt Hancock, Sam Tanson, Dr Tedros (WHO), Corinne Cahen, Lydie Polfer, Alain & Muriel Berset, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ron Jeremy, Justin Welby, Niki Haley, Annalena Baerbock, Elvis Presley, .Jimmy Savile, Tina Turner, ..

All Runway Modells are biological Males and trained to mimick the Female gait and motions.



Examples of Male & Female Skeletons

Hugo de Jonge

Elon Musk

Mandy Minella

Matt Hancock

Sam Tanson


Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO)

Corinne Cahen

Lydie Polfer

Alain & Muriel Berset

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ron Jeremy

Justin Welby

Niki Haley

Annalena Baerbock

Elvis Presley

Jimmy Savile

Tina Turner

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Last modified on Friday, 26 May 2023 13:20

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