December 07, 2023

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Would you trust Satan? Or his children?

Would you trust Satan ? Or his children ?
Probably not !

But would you even notice, when dealing with them ???
Probably not !!!

On this page:

Forsensic Skull Analysis 1 : CEOs pHARMA, EMA, FDA, X-perts, the institutions, that fool the world, & some more clo(w)nes

Forsensic Skull Analysis 2 : CEOs & Founders: AXA, Milka Mondelez, Cora Louis Delhaize, Vanguard, BlackRock, Amazon, GILEAD, State Street

Forsensic Skull Analysis 3 : Raymond Kurzweil, Google Founders, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk

The origin of 666 & bits of Hebrew and other mythology

Theory: they do not age ?

Satan is one of many, many names (male & female) attributed to the Devil, who plays also the role of all gods & godesses, that are being worshipped. He truly is the Master of deception and the Father of lies. He turns everything natural and original into its opposite or he destroys it.

His greatest trick was to make people believe, he doesn’t exist.  

But he does. We don’t know his real name, but Satan fits perfectly.

ADDED 14//7/2023:

Meanwhile these dots have been connected, we know HER name

But let me show you images of the bearded Lady we all know. Master of deception.

Welcome to Hell !!!

End of update 14/7/2023

SThN means the opposite or opponent in ancient hebrew.

Ancient hebrew letter roots. They did not use written vowels.

Source: Ancient hebrew lexicon of the bible, Jeff A Banner. Download pdf

Satan is transgender. The first of such kind in this realm. As are his children. Everything is the opposite in Satans inverted world. Male is female. Female is male. Slavery is freedom. etc

Transgenderism since birth is the common denominator for all members of Satans family. Satanists play all of the roles on world stage and beyond. Their mission is to deceive & mislead us. Mockery & foolery are always included.

Forensic skull analysis 1

of some of the children of Satan, some are powerful, some are famous and all are most devilish. If you are not yet aware about the differences between male and female skeletons & skulls, read these first: Differences of male and female skeletons and Skull, Face & Necks

pHARMa, Satanists @ work trying to get rid off „useless eaters“ using experimental mRNA gene therapy & promoting it as health care (hells care), as preventive „vaccination“ against a virus, which just does not exist naturally. Now selling other „vaccines“ for the adverse reactions of their experimental gene therapy. Greatest deception & medical fraud ever ! Only possible because the children of Satan are everywhere in charge. All of the global corporations, all of governments & all of their agencies, all of Media (mainstream & alternative channels), all of the systemrelevant institutions, science, education, medical, justice, financial, ... literally all, orchestrating together the biggest medical fraud ever.

Educate yourself : Elementary, my dear Watson, why mRNA vaccines are a very bad idea – source:

Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, veterinary

BioNTech CEO, Ugur Sahin

AstraZeneca CEO, Pascal Soriot

Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel

Johnson & Johnson, CEO Joaquin Duato (since Jan 2022)

The European Medicine Agency EMA and the US Food & Drug Agency FDA, allowing the emergency use of such experimental gene therapy without proper studies being done, ignoring established knowledge and common natural sense and all without any proof of a real pandemic. Simulated events, planned in 2019 (Event 201) and even long before (European Roadmap on vaccination 2018-2022 & Moderna patent applications from 2018 US20200030432A1  & 2020 US20200282046A1 & US10702600B1)

EMA CEO, Emer Cooke

FDA Commissioner, Robert M Califf

FDA, Doran Fink

so-called X-perts, fooling you

Anthony Fauci

Karl Lauterbach, Germany

Christian Drosten, Germany

The following „institutions“ rule and fool the world.

They are the World government and are operational, since 24/9/1999, when all of the Nations gave their sovereignity, assets, … to be governed by the UN.

WHO, Dr Tedros, no medical degree ! Philosophy doctor

UN Secretary general Antonio Guterres 

NATO Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg

Ursula von der Leyen, EU Commission

WEF, Klaus Schwab

IMF, Christine Lagarde

George Soros

Bill Gates

Donald Trump

Angela Merkel

Olaf Scholz

Xavier Bettel

Jacinda Ardern

it's one big family !! it's all of them

Spiritual Mis(s)- leaders


Dalai Lama

Royals - ALL of them, no exception !

Queen ELisabeth 2

Crown princess Mary of Danmark

Influencer - gatekeeper 


Climate change ... Satan & family laughing

Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy and Potential 1978 - download pdf

More forensic skull analysis of powerful children, click here  and here

Want to check skulls for yourself ?
Free image editing program GIMP, download here: english
or german:

The origin of the number 666

Hebrew Mythology, written in the 1870s, a must-read to grasp the whole deception & mockery through religions. Read & download here:

from the introduction: 

According to Milton Woolley, author of Hebrew Mythology, the number of the Beast 666 is the cabalistic number of the name Sether, meaning winter. As opposite to summer. Seth & Ra, Cain & Abel, Moses & Aaron, Korah & David ….  Satan & Jesus

for the sun in winter was always known as the hidden one = Sether, whose cabalistic number is 666.

page 353 book

This 666 is also the number of the beast (Sether = winter) and is made up by adding together the numbers represented by the Hebrew letters composing the name Sethur.

more about symbolism (the most common, but not all for sure)

Deification of stars and natural phaenomena

All of the sacred/secret books deal with natural phenomena, i.e. the sun in the 12 different zodiac constellations, the stars, the equinoxes and solstices, in a nutshell: the seasons.

Weird stories about figuring out how many days does 1 year have exactly. Describing a precession of star constellations. But did stars, except for the wandering stars, really ever changed their fixed trails ? They tried to confuse us about that, changing the 48 ancient known constellations names into 88 star constellations. Imo, stars have always been where they are still nowadays: Sirius, also known as dog star (dog = god) the brightest star reaches its zenith in Gizeh (Great Pyramid with south channel pointing to Sirius) every year around midnight on 31.12. Culmination time varies every day 4 minutes. Stars revolve around once in 23h 56min. Sirius 2021, Sirius 2020, Sirius 2019, Sirius 2018, Sirius 2017 The addition of 1 day (29.2) each 4 years regulates this, as 1 year is about 365,25 days. Not exactly, because every 400 years there is no additional day.

Nothing is to be taken literally from these stories, but it is done by the clergy. On purpose, to mislead. And Satan laughs about the ignorance of people, as he had all of the "holy books" written & translated to mock/mislead people and to instill fear into them. Written not that long ago. All of our „ancient“ history has only been fabricated, doctored or coined since the late 1800s ! And our reality is scripted, staged. A TrumanShow !

The author, back in the 1870s couldn‘t grasp how people could take literally the stories of the Bible, such as Jonah being swallowed by a whale (ancient star constellation) or the 400 years  (4 months) captivity of the children of Israel (summer constellations) in Egypt or Babylon (winter constellations).


Israel is the name for the 4 summer months, the star constellations Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. But there is yet confusion, it’s written: It was given to the Scorpio to hurt men five months (p 29 &110) …. , which means, when the sun enters scorpio (October), winter begins. No agricultural production for 5 months.

Egypt and Babylon were names for the winter months as were Pharao, Baal, Cyrus, Moses, Brahma, hidden one, Sethur, …. Winter is the ennemy of summer and vice- versa. Winter is male, summer is female.

Sodom & Gomorra never existed as real cities, they are the names of the first 2 winter months. Scorpio, Sagittarus Destroyed each year, when the sun enters their opposite signs, i.e.  Taurus, Gemini, These stars set and become night constellations, also said that they be slain, like the Dragon.




When in spring the sun rises in Aries in the East, Virgo is setting in the West, head first, feet last. 25 March is Annunciation day or Lady Day. Equinox. Aries „fertilizes“ Virgo (having set half) and next winter solstice Virgo gives birth to the sun/son.

Aries is ELOH, the Elohim are the 7 summer rams (months), Aries in summer, when everything thrives. EL is Aries in winter, when earth is circumcised, ripped off everything that grew during summer. Circumcision, also not to be taken literally, but they do !

The tribes are zodiac constellation, like tribe of Dan = Scorpio

Thoth, Hermes, Menes, Osiris, Ogyges, Deucalion, Dionysus, Neptune, Poseidon, Jonah or Janus, etc. In fact all the deities of the sea, how diversified soever, are referable to Noah = Adam = Earth

Summer vs Winter

There were 7 summer months and 5 winter months. Either 2 seasons, summer and winter or 3 seasons, spring, summer, winter. The TRInity.


Winter doesn’t  produce, but feeds off of summer. One in three. Looks familiar. The satanic cult and the parasitic system they have installed since the 1800s is based on this. Literally. The wicked ones feed off of the righteous. Approved by EL ! (Symbol = first Hebrew letter ALeph, the head of an ox or the syymbol of the horns)

Satan and his children are the wicked ones, the Winter kings or WI-Kings.
Pirates. Usurpers. They do not produce themselves, but feed off of those that do.
SU-King WI- Kings ! Where did they come from ???

Dead language revived

Shortly after Hebrew Mythology was published (Foreword from 1877), in 1890 Eliezer Ben Yehuda had the idea to „ revive“ the dead Hebrew language. Back in the 1870s Hebrew was a dead language, like Latin. Everything is possible with the help of „authorities“, today about 14 million speak Hebrew and new words are even being coined. Source: 

Imo, like Latin the Hebrew language was never spoken by people. Just used by the false authorities to conceal knowledge from the stupid peasants. They need people to stay ignorant.

Now, the author really ain’t seen NOTHING back than, … a country called Israel since 1948, what a mockery ! … well, Satan and his children did a really good job, inventing religions, especially Gods so-called chosen people, their diaspora, the wholocoast, … mockery & deception in order to be able to govern this whole realm. There they are, finishing the last steps in their destructive plan resulting in eternal slavery & 100% control over the ignorant peasants !

It’s said the Old Testament was written in ancient Hebrew, but it was originally written in ancient Greek, called KOINE. In fact Hebrew is Greek. They just turned letters, sometimes exchanged vowels. Hebrew is Greek, read and download here:

History is fake

HIStory before the 1800s is invented, since then it's scripted & staged. Never happened: the Holy Roman Empire & stories about popes, kings, wars, etc & much more was invented to serve as "ancient" foundatioun for the monarchies, royal & priestly takeover after decades of destruction of a formerly very advanced civilisation.  

Educate yourself: The last of the Mohicans -

Destruction of our ancient world: Earthquakes in the 1700s.  ancient buildings 1 & buildings 2, the same buildings all over the plane,  Paris 1900 vs 2017

Pompeii 79 AD really happened in 1631. Pompeii 1 , Pompeii 2, Pompeii 3   Source stolenhistory

1552 years full of invented HIStory have been "inserted".  Ancient times are not that ancient. Ancient ROME is ancient GREECE. Greco-Roman. But the Greco-Roman Empire just wasn't what we are being told.

Ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon never existed as countries. Those were "brought in" on latinized (fabricated) maps, that emerged in the late 1800 or like the Waldseemüller map in 1901, supposedly created in 1507. Part of the set-up as "Discovery of the New World" and coining that HIStory. Interestingly 1507 corresponds to 44BC, the year Ceasar was supposedly murdered. Scripted staged reality or completely invented ?

Forensic skull analysis 2

Some of the names from the O.T. for Virgo, Winter, Summer, etc… that serve phonetically as names for well known corporations, funded & managed by children of Satan.

Achsah, the anklet of Virgo the Daughter of Caleb, Dog, Canis constellation Chapter XIV Judges book p 243/244

Milcah, queen = Virgo in autumn, Chapter VI Abram and Sarai p. 67, 68 & 78

Milka is Mondelez

Vanguard & BlackRock own the world

Amazon, the breastless one, winter, Chapter XX Jehoshaphat – Zedekiah p 411, 412

Korah (baldness= winter), Chapter XII Israel’s wanderings, p 208, 209 & Chapter XXV  Psalms, p. 492

The elders of Gilead, the deacons of the summer,  Chapter XIV Judges, p 254, Gilead, a land east of Jordan, Chapter XIX, Elijah – Elisha,,p 377
GILEAD = Biotechnology !
oh, btw: The elders of Zion are also deacan stars. Winter solstice = Zion, the daughter of Zion = Jerusalem, summer solstice. Jerusalem never existed as city.

ship-Sun =Argo navis, or Noah's ark

State Street logo is a ship. Pirates coming from the sea, founded 1792


Theory: They do not age ?

I recently read this …


As they mimick & fake everything, why not also their aging process and death ?

Everything is possible, because the past we are thaught is fake. Nothing is new under the sun, advanced technologies & knowledge, also about genetic engineering & things we cannot yet imagine were here before, but were destroyed and buried… deliberately by those in charge nowadays.

If they indeed do not age, Satan must be a master geneticist. And it would fit to what's happening, I guess he is right now busy still experimenting in one of the pHARMa biotechnological labs !

In such case he literally genetically engineered his own children, with specific characteristics as needed for their roles and for his plan to conQUEER this realm. Using his own genes (semen), he would be the biological father of all his children. Look for CRISPR/Cas9. Transgendered and mindcontrolled since birth, but just aging until adulthood ? They would be Immortals, unless they had an Achilles heel. All of them or just his chosen EL-ite?

It reminded me the film In time, from 2011 where people aged until 25, then that process stopped and a one-year countdown on their forearms started. The poor usually had never more than 24 hours left (to live). The film describes quite accurateley life as it’s actually planned by Satan, defolding right now, zones are yet being established. And allegedly about 60% of the world population have been injected at least once with their experimental gene therapy containing unknown microtech and other metallorganic stuff.

He might have been successful with his own creation, which would also mean his children are not the same as we, natural born women & men. They are yet Transhumans in the double meaning of it. And the plan is that we shall become as fake and artificial as they are. 

Satanists have been successful bending our minds and destroying our natural style of life for about 2 centuries. Controlling yet everything. Now trying to bind our souls/consciousness to hybrid machines per their experimental mRNA technology, containing self-assembling microtechnology ?? To keep us eternally enslaved in his fake, artificial, evil world ? Eternal life possible in 2029, as promoted in this interview by Ray Kurzweil 2016 ? Interesting interview concerning nanobots in our veins in the 2020s. Merging with nonbiological technologies ? 

Forsensic Skull Analysis 3

Life has to be virtual in their planned Meta-verse future, because everything natural & organic (plants, animals, humans) is going to be „fryed“ by the coming amount of broadcasted mm frequencies, increased bandwith, increased data flow (as electricity through the air), real time rendering for virutal events, self-driving cars, … antennae everywhere! 5G planned to be operational everywhere by the end of 2024. 6G planned for 2030.

We are electromagnetic beings, our DNA is a coil ... read Chapter V Oscillation and radiation of cells Georg Lahkovsky - The Secret of life , download here

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Facts, not fiction !

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