December 07, 2023

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Is there an EXCEPTION ? Featured

It's literally ALL of them, ... or is there an exception ? The exception proves the rule, so they say.

Is there ONE single being, playing a public ROLE on stage, who truly was born the sex he/she pretends to be ?

This page is reserved for that EXCEPTION  ... confirming the rule !


Recently I could hardly believe that I found ONE EXCEPTION  ... confirming the rule !

Meanwhile I have seen so many physical evidence of genderinverted "celebreties", much much much more than are listed on this page. Several accounts on Twitter shed light on them, exposing lots of covert genderinverted "celebs" from all over the plane who I never heard of before.

Next to famous ones. Videos added 28.6.23

Like Eddie Izzard. A British comedian, actor and activist.

Eddie Izzard, now Suzy Eddie Izzard. Have a look at HIM !

Conclusion: Eddie is NOT a pretender. He was born male, has straight legs and narrow hips. His knees do not rotate and stay together when walking. Shoulders are larger than hips. 

Skull Check

Square form, wide set eyes, large mouth, large chin.

Of course, he is in "the Club" and has a ROLE to play.

Considering HIS ROLE, it could not have been the other way!

ADDED 17/7/2023:  Not ALL so-called Drag Queens are MALES in drag, dressed as girl. I could find ONE exception ;-). Have a look at Aunt Tom, Tatta Tom, Drag Queen in charge of LGBTIQ+ diversity education for children (starting at 4 years old) in Luxembourg. End of Update 17/7/2023

It looks like this has been all along part of the long planned "global transgender agenda". [Yes, THEY planned their conquest in advance, even for centuries]

As a comedian in the 1990s Eddie was known as crossdresser and transvestite.

Performing not only in English, but also in French, Arabic, German, Russian and Spanish.

He has an unofficial world record for performing in more than 28 countries. 

First Eddie identified as "transvestite" and called himself  "a lesbian trapped in a man's body". We will have a look at his "girlfriend" here. It's not another exception! So, everything is, as ususal, inverted. Lesbian ? NO! GAY !!! 

Eddie came out being "transgender" in 2011, as "non-binary" in 2015 and added "genderfluid" in 2019. Promoting this psycho-stuff. Being famous helps. And doing charity work.

2010/11, which is when the transgender agenda really started going public and since then the number of people who undergo irreversible reassignment surgery has significantly raised. Many regret it later, but it's too late then.

Children do not think about such stuff unless adults suggest them such stuff. Either this is fiction or Eddie was being "programmed" from very early.

Social activist, bending the minds of other people.

Political activist, Eddie joined the Labour Party in 1995.

Charity Work 2009, allegedly 43 marathons in 51 days, more than 1100 miles

Changing the behaviour of the masses according to their wishes/plans. Introducing "new values" (artificial ones, not natural).

Indoctrination of the young to achieve change.

Eddie shall "clear the road" for public acceptance of "transwomen", those who transition long after puberty. I don't know if that will ever work, because for many of us, those just look ridiculous and have rather a mental issue. 

This strategy is also to make the other "wo-MEN" on stage look more normal. There is a huge difference if transition happens before or after puberty. But nonetheless the covert transgender have to stop taking cross-sex hormones in their thirties and then puberty hits.

Eddie's "girlfriend"  Sarah Townsend - Sarah McGuinness

Eddie Izzard allegedly had a longer, rather private relationship with Sarah Townsend, also known as Sarah McGuinness, an Irish singer, writer, producer. They published several stand-up comedy videos together.

Conclusion: Sarah Townsend was born male and is pretending to be a woman.

So, here is: Eddie Izzard = ONE exception.

Curious to know if there will be more   ??? 

Added 5/7/23

Can you spot any difference between the gaits of Eddie Izzard and Nikola Sturgeon, Teresa May, ... ? As well as the other women on world stage? No exception found so far.

The exception confirms the rule! 

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Last modified on Monday, 17 July 2023 14:57

Facts, not fiction !

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