March 03, 2024

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deceptions by design ! Featured

MSM : deception & mockery by design ! Always promoting the contemporary Beauty Standards using films, magazines, celebs, ... Health and Fitness for THE perfect body shape for her & him, Weight Loss, ... 

Advertisements - MagazinesBeauty Tips - Weight Loss - Fitness & Body Shape

The deception and brainwashing to mold our minds goes deep, ... and yet for a long time ! The goal is to create an impossible body image for women while fooling men into lusting after other men.
But all of it is merely possible because WE do no longer know about the differences between male and female bodies.

It should be obvious for everybody, that this is not a real female. Just a lookalike! Males all over fall for the illusions of the artifical created boobs and lust for such fake female bodies. 


Since ever, all of the female modells have always been male. Prepubescent boys until the ago of 30-35 years, when they have to stop the intake of Estrogen to prevent blood clots.

some older advertisements

American woMEN u !

Fashion & Sewing patterns ... all designed for MALES in women's dresses !

Models back than, it's always been lad's !


Not one female, presented in whatever women's magazine is a natural born woman !
Watch their narrow pelvis, their belly button ABOVE the waist line and their long, straight arms & legs.

Not one male, presented in whatever men's magazine, is a natural born man !
Just watch their V-shape clavicles & short arms hanging akimbo.

Those bodies are not real anyway. Photo editing, body masculinization surgery (happened at puberty) and body fat identifying as 6-packs.

Beauty Tips

Large, wide-set eyes are a typical male facial marker, as are high prominent cheekbones, angular jaws & square chins.

The official female BEAUTY Standards: Male facial features are more attractive. Makes real females feel dissatisfied with their own appearance.


Weight Loss

As a female, you can never loose that much weight to mirror the ideal of a male body shape !

It's simply not possible. But they want you to buy special dietary products, pay for fitness and feel bad about your own body shape. 

It's psychological warfare: they want biological women to resent what gives their bodies the ability to create life !

Females have more subcutanous body fat and less muscular tissue than men.

Mockery! The Body ! Watch the large mouth and Adam's Apple. 

Females, you cannot get rid of your pelvis and your hipline!
This is the largest part of a female body, where the femurs join the hips.

Fitness & Body Shape

It's pure deception. Have you pay for personal fitness trainer lessons. Males will never reach the same muscular upper body shape as a female, because their shoulders are straight! 
Females will never reach the narrow, slim pelvis Men have.

But you are fooled to crave for the opposite gender shape, unkowingly. Because you do no longer know about the differences of female and male bodies.

Mocking you !!!

Male Fitness Models

All of the following are FEMALE skeletons. Watch their V-shape clavicles, sloping shoulders, short arms. Body Masculinization Surgery included. 

Mockery  & Deception @ its finest:

Six-pack secrets with Joe Warner !

"How your man can build the body he - and you - have always wanted in just TWELVE weeks"

Joes Book, 12 week body plan.
Buy books, pay for your ultimate performance trainer, if you fail, try again, try harder to reach the impossible, again and again !

Muscular Fitness Models, but no biological Males:

FeMALE Fitness Models

None of the fitness girls presented in the photos below is a natural born woman. Not one real woman will ever be able to reach such a male body shape, regardles of diets, fitness, hormone therapy, ... .

You are being fooled and mocked beyond imagination !!!
Unless you can see the unseen.

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Last modified on Friday, 09 April 2021 15:43

Facts, not fiction !

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