March 03, 2024

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Males in Disguise - detransition deceivers

We're supposed to believe they are females. They are males in disguise. 

Like an onion: FtMtF Detransition is another level of deception.  Another way to "sell" MALE bodies as FEMALE bodies. 

The pictures below show biological males pretending to be detransitioned females. Here's a closer look at a few of them.

FtMtF deceivers on this page:

Sean Sinead Watson, Keira BellEllie & Nele, Lucy, Chloe Cole, Helena KerschnerLee Debbie Harris, Freddy, Sophia Galvin   & a few screenshots (still anonymous)

I would not be surprised at all to add Elliot Ellen Page one day to the FtMtF list.

Neither hormone therapies nor plastic surgeries can change the skull and bones. It can and will never change the gait, a sloping forehead, thick straight clavicles, large shoulders, narrow hips, long straight arms, long straight legs, ...

I became aware of the "detrans-deception" through this post from Watson. His question "Does this look like a man's chest to you?" is mockery at its finest. It's a pity so many people that saw this picture are ignorant about how real women look like. The hips don't lie ! Neither do the clavicles and shoulders.

Sean, Sinead WatSON

Thick straight clavicles, large shoulders, narrow hips, long neck, sloping forehead, wide-set eyes

Sean Sinead is a transwoMAN. TranswoMEN look indeed grotesque because they are MALES dressed as FEMALES. The older, the more grotesque. The secretly gender-inverted have to go through puberty, usually in their thirties. 

This seems to be now a method for secret MtF to go partially back to MALE, a male voice, get rid of the breasts, ... then receive public attention to fool people into believing MALE bodies were mutilated detrans FEMALE bodies.

Detransition Story Watson and he appears on this binary page


Quincy Keira Bell

Keira is probably the most famous detransitioner. I became aware of him about 2 years ago and mentioned "her" in my Mind Bending Agenda article. Detransition follows transition for many, sooner or later.

Back in 2021 I would never have thought of being deceived at this level. But I (still) think there are actually real females that have fallen for this insane transgender agenda and were pushed to undergo surgery to "feel like being in the right body". Feel better and avoid [implanted] suicide ideas.

a large male face

space between feet, foot does not swing, 

An "International Detrans-Awareness day", was created by Quincy Keira Bell and Sean Sinead Watson in 2021. The inaugural "Detrans Awareness Day" March 12, provided an opportunity to raise awareness of detransition and of the stories of detransitioners. 

There is a need for an "International Deception Awareness day". 


Lucy, a MALE in disguise

straight clavicles, large shoulders, narrow hips, long neck

A real female will never pass as male, as well as a real male will never pass as female. Regardless hormone therapies, surgeries, make-up & clothes, ... . One can feel there is something wrong. That's a fact. And probably why they have to play the gay and lesbian tomboy roles too.

a male skeleton



sloping forehead, thick straight clavicles, deep and wide set eyes

What happens when transwomen want to be women again? would be the correct question, although that doesn't make any sense and is impossible.

Nele - Peer

Ellie appears together with Nele when doing image-giggle-search.

2 x male skull, sloping forehead, angular jaw bones, male shape

wide set eyes, large mouth & dental arch, angular skull, long neck

source image bbc  with their STORY

This is their project: a collection of detrans stories from feMALE detransitioners.


Chloe Cole


Chloe will never be capable of carrying a child to full term. Do not feel pity for him! Males cannot become pregnant. Never. Chloe is a biological male, has straight shoulders, thick straight clavicles, a long neck, angular face, square jaw bones .. and is openly mocking those that are ignorant enough to fall for his deception. 


Helena Kerschner

The "Gang" Hand Symbol "M" or "3", angular face, long neck, straight large shoulders  source for Helena's story

straight large shoulders, straight thick clavicles

Tucker Carlson, gait analysis

large angular male face

long hair to cover the long neck and large, straight shoulders, also a common obfuscation technique


Lee Debbie Harris

Notice the scarf - common long neck obfuscation technique

Debbie before transition to Lee

What a neck !!!

thick straight clavicles

sloping forehead, deep & wide set eyes


Freddy- the pregnant transman

Then I came across this male chest and male hands holding an ultrasound image of a baby. Freddy, a transman (a biological woman) that became pregant, a documentation. I could not even watch this fairy tale because of Geoblocking for this WDR video, only Germany!

large shoulders, thick straight clavicles

Source & Translation of description:

Freddy is 30 years old and a trans* man. His greatest wish is to start a family and bring his own child into the world. But he is quickly confronted with external ideas of gender attributions and body concepts. Freddy has to design himself as a gay pregnant father. With courage and passion he decides on the pregnancy and all its challenges. Filmmaker Jeanie Finlay accompanies Freddy throughout the process. She has succeeded in making an intimate and poetic film - about family, pregnancy, birth and identity.

These "documetaries" are fairy tales for adults. Mockery and deception. Men simply cannot become pregnant. 


Sophia Galvin 


Religions, all of them, are merely deception and mockery. Tools of power, abuse and control. Created to divide people. Covert sex cults.

Doesn't "to help to find Christ" really mean to help others become "CROSSED and be REBORN"?  Like CROSS your sex. Leave NATURAL law and turn to MAN-MADE transition. To become "whole" again.

Religions (& also new (c)age movements) have been invented to confuse and instill fear. It truly is all about consciousness. You ARE consciousness. God IS supreme consciousness. Each soul will reach supreme consciousness, sooner or later. ... but I disgress

thick straight clavicles, large skull

large angular face, large mouth

Why would they tell truth about anything, when they lie yet about their core identity ??? Why use BLUE as contour color around the font, as blue is THEIR inverted color for males? These are psy-ops. Psycological warfare. Honestly, I start questioning if this ever happend to real natural born females ????

Lots of people obviously no longer know what a real biological woman looks like. Nor a real biological man.


Some screenshots I collected below (Search "Detransition women), without having yet a deeper look at those males in disguise. So, it's possible the one or other appears twice.

This lad won't either be able to carry a child full term, but not due to taking cross-sex hormones!

F*CK U - mockery

Isaac, a covert TG left, an overt TG right, although it's the INVERSE of what is pretended to be ... it's all SHOW ! 

male skull, large mouth

wide set eyes, really wide

He looks like the "typical lesbian".

Lots of "Lesbians" among them. 

thick straight clavicles

They pass as dudes, because they are dudes. 


Tongue out - Mockery

That angular jaw screams MALE ... sloping forehead, deep set eyes, brow ridge


Reminder: Hormone therapies do NOT change skull and bones !!!

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Last modified on Thursday, 29 June 2023 01:34

Facts, not fiction !

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