December 07, 2023

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Differences of Male & Female Skeletons Featured

Are you aware about the biological key differences between Male and Female Skeletons ? Are you sure ?

Archeologists can determine the gender of skeletons found in mass graves with 100% accuracy. 

Men and women are physically more similar than different. Nonetheless there are a lot of differences between male and female skeletons. Some are quite obvious. Some of them are designed to suit each sex for the role it plays in reproduction. Women are built for carrying and birthing children and must have wider hips and keep extra fat in store for the ordeal of pregnancy.

So among the most obvious differences are the pelvis, the femurs and the clavicles, arms.

No hormone therapy nor gender reassignment surgery can alter the bone structure !

Overall Overview of Differences

Women are shorter, about 9% on average. 

Male bones are bigger and stronger, in size and density. Peak male bone mass around 50% more than women. Women lose bone faster as they age.
Black people have significantly stronger bones than Whites. Black women's is the same as white men's.

Men & women have the same number of ribs, 12 pairs. Some are born with 11 or 13 pairs.

Men have bigger heads and longer arms & legs than women relative to body size.

Womens elbows and shoulders are slightly different, arms bend a little further and are more mobile at both joints.

Finger length: greater exposure to androgens in utero leads to a longer ring finger than index finger, as often seen in males.

Women have a longer torso to accomodate extra reproductive organs and finds space during pregnany. Shorter legs than men.
The larger female pelvis is better adapted for childbirth. It's wider, longer and held together by ligaments that soften during pregnany.

Women's slanted thigh bones put extra pressure on the knee joints, which have to rotate, while men's do not.

Women's color perception and peripheral vision are better than men's. Men do better on long distance focus.

Women have much better high-frequency hearing. Women lose even more low-frequency hearing with age.

Men have massive body strength advantage. Men's muscles are more solid.

Women's ligaments are softer and thinner than men's. Responsible for a high number of sporting injuries.
At puberty ligaments become lax compared to men's. A hormonal effect designed to facilitate separation of the pelvic bones for childbirth.

The differences NATURE designed in male and females bodies is all about reproduction !   

Typical markers of male and female skulls and bones.

Typical markers, not everyone has ALL of the typical "gender" markers and some can well be altered through implants and Hormone Therapy.


Female facial features are smaller and close together in the center of the face.
Estrogen correlates with higher eyebrows, fuller lips and a rounder jawline with a more pointed chin.

  • Smaller skull, smaller brain, more connections between the 2 hemispheres
  • Straight flat forehead
  • No brow bone
  • Smaller, shorter, softer jaw
  • Low Cheekbones, less prominent
  • Forward set eyes
  • Full lips
  • No Adam's apple
  • short, thin neck, commonly concave sides
  • female trachea is small, not readily apparent

Without the introduction of testosterone therapy or an Adam’s apple implant, the Female necks, throat should indicate no activity.

Male facial features are larger and widely spread on the face.
Testosterone correlates with a square chin & sharply angled mandible, a more prominent Adam's apple, more facial hair and male-pattern baldness with age.

  • Larger Skull, bigger brain
  • Sloping forehead
  • Brow Ridge
  • Larger, angular jaw
  • High prominent cheekbones
  • Deep set eyes
  • Adam's Apple
  • large, thick neck
  • 40% larger trachea

read more about Skull, Face and Neck


Female shoulders are sloping, their arms hang akimbo to avoid contact with their hips when walking. 

  • Sloping shoulders
  • Shorter, thinner, V-shaped clavicles
  • Shorter arms, not straight, hang akimbo
  • Softer arms, more subcutanous body fat, less muscles
  • Soft wrist, more oval, smaller hands

Male shoulders are straight, their arms are straight and hang straight. There are no hips to avoid contact with. 

  • Straight shoulders
  • Longer, thicker, straight clavicles
  • Longer arms, straight, hang straight
  • Thicker, more muscular arms,
  • Large wrist, larger, more angular hands

read more about Shoulders & Clavicles


Females have a longer torso and wider pelvis, due to the purpose of reproduction.

  • Longer torso 
  • Wider pelvis (pregnancy)
  • Higher hip bones
  • Belly button below the hip line
  • Shoulder-hip ratio, shoulders less wide or as wide as hips, hourglass shape 

Males have a shorter torso, therfore their arms and legs appear longer

  • Shorter torso
  • Bigger lungs (10-12% larger)
  • Lower hip bones
  • Belly button above hip line
  • Shoulder-hip ratio, shoulders wider than hips, V-shape

read more about 

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Facts, not fiction !

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